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Just as the name suggests, Edgewater is a beautiful community that hugs the shores of Lake Michigan just seven miles north of downtown Chicago.  It’s an eclectic neighborhood that stands out among others thanks to its urban features paired with the natural beauty of its expansive beaches and sprawling parks.  Edgewater is a family-friendly area that draws visitors from all over with its parks, restaurants, shopping, landmarks, cultural events and more.

Edgewater is a perfectly charming community that remains steeped in its history, complete with lantern lights and vintage lamp posts.  When out for a stroll, it’s easy to fall in love with the 1920’s era reminders that make up the neighborhood’s Bryn Mawr Historic District.  The Avenue itself is lined with significant historic buildings, including Edgewater Presbyterian Church, the Belle Shore Apartment Hotel, and the former Edgewater Beach Hotel that was once an infamous playground for celebrities.     

If that’s not enticing enough, thanks to the neighborhood’s ethnic mix, the area has become famous for its delicious internationally-inspired cuisine.  So, whether you’re looking for an authentic deli, specialty farm stands, exotic tastings, or simply a boutique grocery store, Edgewater has it all. Let’s take a closer look at some of the other things that make the Edgewater community such a wonderful place to be:

Community Parks

Coveted for its natural beauty, Edgewater is surrounded by Lake Michigan and several recreational parks.  Some of those include:

  • Berger ParkBerger Park is a small recreational area bordering Lake Michigan in the Edgewater neighborhood of North Side.  In addition to its green space, this park is known for the historic Downey House and Samuel H. Gunder houses that sit within the property.
  • Andersonville Park – The Andersonville Park is a quiet playground area and a favorite among those living in the Edgewater community thanks to a fairly recent and impressive renovation.
  • Senn Playlot Park – Located right in the heart of the Edgewater community, Senn Playlot has something for everyone.  From athletic fields and courts, to a playground, to a water spray feature, and a community garden, time here will always be well spent.

Edgewater Restaurants

Though Edgewater may be fairly small in size, it has plenty of eateries worth your time and attention.  A few neighborhood favorites include:

  • Mango Pickle – This small restaurant serves up some of the best Indian food in Chicago in a brightly decorated, cozy space that also features an outdoor patio.  From staples like Chana Masala to their specially created seasonal dishes like seared scallops, the flavors are always noteworthy.
  • Income Tax – Income Tax is unlike any other eatery you’ll find in Edgewater.  It’s the perfect place to grab a glass of wine and some dinner whether you’re on your own or catching up with friends.  It’s a wine bar that serves upscale small plates with dishes inspired from different regions of Europe. With their extensive wine list and impressive menu, that includes dishes like coq au vin, German tarts, and pastas, you can pair or mix and match flavors as you please.  
  • Edge of Sweetness Bakery – Though technically a bakery, Edge of Sweetness is seen more as the go-to neighborhood coffee shop.  It’s the perfect place to sit, sip and relax. They have excellent coffee and, of course, delicious baked goods, from sweet treats like scones, cookies, parfaits and more, to savory snacks like quiches, salads, sandwiches and beyond.  

Edgewater Culture & Events

One of the best things Edgewater has going for it is its commitment to community and bringing people together.  From shopping to cultural events and more, there’s so much to do and see every night of the week that you’ll never be bored.  Here are just a few favorites among far, far too many to list:

  • Berger Park Cultural Center – The Cultural Center is great fun for all.  It’s an exciting place where guests can learn and attend events, including concerts, movies in the park, an annual jewelry and ceramics show, and more.  They even host programs that include Art and ABC’s, jewelry making, writer’s workshops, potter, after school programs, and an arts-based park. The mansion is also famous for its stunning outdoor space along Lake Michigan and its breathtaking views.     
  • City Lit Theater Company – For over 30 season, City Lit has brought to life works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, biography, essays, and drama through a wide array of voices.  From the works of such classic writers as Mark Twain and Henry James to contemporary writers such as Alice Walker and Raymond Carver, each performance is unique and attendance is always in high demand.  
  • Edgewater Holiday Mixer – Always a community favorite, the Edgewater Holiday Mixer is the place to be to celebrate the end of 2018.  Community friends, small businesses and neighbors all come together to mingle and enjoy great eats and spirits to close out the year.  It’s great fun for absolutely everyone, whether you’re looking to network, make new connections, meet new residents, help raise money for the Chamber’s programs and events, or just catch up with old acquaintances.  This year’s event will be on Thursday, December 6th at the Colvin House from 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.     

Edgewater is a beautiful, quaint, vibrant community that has something for everyone.  So, if you’re ready to relocate, be sure to check out our featured properties in the area before the secret gets out!

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