Mixing Natural Materials with Luxury Finishes

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1205 W. Montana: A smart, modern take on the classic “magic corner” cabinet.

The days of a single design elements dominating the overall look of a space are over. These days, designers are getting more creative and piecing together contrasting elements for a truly sophisticated look. That’s right – no more prefab cookie-cutter lighting kits and boring cabinetry. Now, it’s all about mixing natural materials with modern, luxury finishes.

Mixing materials, textures, technology, and colors can really elevate a space and its style to create a fresh effect. More and more designers are using contrasting materials like, for example, pairing modern metal with elements of rustic or distressed wood. You may also notice that they’re combining traditional pieces with a more modern color scheme, or even using two finishes with similar tones but different textures. It may seem a strange combination when stated, but when you see it come to life in-person, everything really comes together to deliver a delightfully unexpected and luxurious look that gives way to the creation of more space and depth.

To achieve this overall effect, several elements and principles are used to guide the design. They include the following:

Mixed Materials: If you like the look of metal, but you also like the look of wood, now you don’t have to choose one or the other when designing and cultivating pieces for a space. You really want to go for an overall look that exudes textural richness. The use of mixed materials can really tie a space together while injecting a certain feeling of comfort into an otherwise strikingly modern room. Contrasting elements are the goal. It also gives a more traditionally dressed space a contemporary punch that can be seamlessly blended with different styles and eras.

Contrasting Finishes: Even if you’re not ready to go for the full mixed materials look yet, start with a single material that makes a statement to you and that can still achieve that overall mixed, modern look. You might consider clearly defined, contrasting color finishes in your lighting, for example. Opt for something with a pop of bright color. This burst of energy can go a long way in making a flat room seem multi-dimensional. Rich contrasts will invigorate any space draped in clean white finishes. The juxtaposition creates a fascinating complexity that your eye just won’t be able to get enough of, and it will accentuate those smaller features and carefully placed decorative odds and ends.
Dual-Texture Metals: One of the biggest trends in design and décor right now is the use of dual-texture finishes. Dual-texture finishes, as their name suggests, are two finishes that have similar tones but contrasting textures. So, if you have a piece, say a light fixture, that features a rich, dual finish of smooth Nickel with shiny Chrome accents, it might work well in a simple, clean space that craves a bolder look or certain edge.

Overall Design Versatility: Lighting is one of the most important and defining elements in design. Fortunately, this plays into the use of mixing natural materials with luxury finishes quite well, as it offers yet another layer of overall design versatility to work within a given space. The use of light and lighting fixtures to create a certain ambiance and style simply opens the door even further in helping you achieve that most desired level of luxury and sophistication that suits your tastes.

Through the use of mixed materials, you can achieve and style a look that remains cohesive while making a dramatic statement. So, don’t be afraid to shake things up to create your own personalized luxurious retreat.


Featured image for this article: 946 North Wood Street #3

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