Spring 2018 Luxury Home Decor

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Spring is in the air, and with it comes a whole new world of possibilities, especially when it comes to luxe home décor. The design world is aflutter with luxury, comfort, and ultimate refinement. This season, luxury design returns to bold, dramatic statements, changing the way homeowners think about interior design. Now, every room can be made glamorous, and it’s easier than you think.

The Most Sought-After Luxury Home Decor Trends for Spring 2018

Violet – This year’s color of the year is in full bloom as absolutely everything is going ultraviolet. It’s a color that’s bold, vibrant and provides a stunning pop of energetic infusion to any room. Designers say to pair it with gold for an ultra-glamorous feeling. Even adding just a pop of violet will absolutely revolutionize any interior.

Velvet – Minimalism is out, and dramatic interiors are in. Both homeowners and interior designers are creating spaces that are full of texture, drama, and details. Velvet is one of the biggest trends this year, as it can effortlessly transform a simple room into a grand showstopper.

Bright Colors – This season is all about colors that pop. Whether through a statement wall, ceiling, tile, wallpaper, you name it – this trend intends to create beautiful, bright, lively spaces. This also includes the use of bright and bold flower motifs.

Black Interiors – Contrary to trends past, black interiors are taking over luxury home design creations. It’s a trend that challenges all that we know about decorating for Spring, but it’s changing it in all of the right ways. From black walls to black furniture, the possibilities are vast when you embrace this timeless look that promises never to go out of style.

Nautical – Nautical chic is a huge spring trend that we’re seeing, but this latest twist isn’t quite like the way you knew this theme in the past. Mixing white and blue with red is over. Now, mix it with gold touches for a stunningly glamorous look. It makes for a much more refined, sleek and timeless design.

Resort-Inspired – There’s no need to jet off to an exotic location to feel those vacation vibes when you can directly incorporate them into your home. Creating luxury, resort-inspired style is all about vibrant hues, spa-worthy baths, and breezy outdoor spaces.

Mixed Metallics – Nothing livens up a space like a pop of the unexpected. Just as mixing and matching pillows and textures on a sofa can re-energize your living room, blending different types of metals can do the same to your kitchen and bath.

Big Art – While we all love those carefully curated gallery walls, this spring home design is taking that to the next level with big, statement pieces that make a massive impact on a room. Abstract pieces with electric hues are instant show stoppers and can play perfectly with both neutral and bright spaces.

With these luxury home décor trends, spring has never felt so luxurious. So, don’t be afraid to try something bold and new with your space. Turn it into your ultimate retreat dressed in all things glamorous and chic.

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