Downsizing Homes in Chicago Without Sacrificing Luxury

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Downsizing homes in Chicago does not have to mean giving up on luxury and leaving your favorite amenities behind. In fact, the Windy City offers a bounty of opportunities for you to downsize without giving up a thing. Let’s take a look at some things you should keep in mind when you’re searching for a smaller high-end home in Chicago:

What Amenities are You Unwilling to Part With?

As a luxury homeowner, you undoubtedly became attached to a handful of amenities that truly set your property or neighborhood apart from the rest. A few examples might include: 

  • A Gated Community
  • An On-Site Concierge
  • Pet Amenities
  • Outdoor Living Area, such as a rooftop deck
  • A Pool or Sauna
  • On-Site Fitness Center
  • On-Site Lounge or Common Area

If you’re thinking that it would be nice to take these key features with you when you move, you’ll be pleased to know that any of these amenities (and more) can be found in a smaller luxury home.

Location Matters for Any Size Home

Have you ever noticed that in large cities like ours, some of the area’s highest-value properties are centered around the city’s most walkable neighborhoods? There’s a reason for that. Walkability, for all intents, can be considered a luxury (and should!). So, in your home search, consider that a factor for your own comfort and for the future resale value of the property.

There’s no question that bigger cities across the United States are leaning toward eco-friendly transportation choices, and you can be sure that walkability will continue to drive value for years to come. If you enjoy the idea of being close to Chicago’s best shopping, dining, and entertainment, choose a luxury property with a high walkability score.

A Floorplan Can Make or Break the Feel of a Smaller High-End Home

The type of floor plan that is going to work best for you depends on your personal preferences and lifestyle needs. Ask yourself a few questions about what you’re looking for, exactly.

  • Do I enjoy an open floor plan, or would I prefer something more traditional that offers a greater level of privacy?
  • Do I require any specialty rooms in my future home? (ex: artist or music studio, home gym, etc)
  • Do I prefer modern design, which naturally leans toward an open layout?

Oftentimes, people who enjoy entertaining will prefer an open floor plan, but there are so many personal details to consider. Do you have a large, treasured art collection? Well, you’ll need wall space to hang those pieces.

There is so much to consider during your home search, but you don’t have to do it alone. Our team will be able to make suggestions for you, based on your needs and a comparison of the properties you are interested in.

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