How to Prepare Your Home Now for a Summer Listing

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Selling a home is no small feat, and that challenge seems to grow in proportion to the number of years you’ve lived there. There is so much for you to consider in terms of getting the home ready for showings, the relocation process, getting established in your future home, and more. The last thing you want is for unexpected issues to hinder you even further, and your secret weapon against that type of situation is preparation. You won’t believe the difference it will make if you just prepare yourself and the property a few months in advance.

So, for those of you who expect to be selling your home in summer 2018, why not get started now? Every small effort adds up, and you’ll be so glad you made the choice to get ahead.

Basic Pre-Listing Considerations for Selling Your Home This Year

Make the most of your spring cleaning routine and get organized ahead of time.

When it comes time for your home to be shown to buyers, you are going to want it to be as clean as possible, and you will be doing yourself a favor by getting a head start on that process. It’s also a great idea to get the bulk of your personal belongings out of the way. You can choose to do this yourself, or you can hire a professional “organization and relocation” service to do it for you. In either case, this gives your buyers the opportunity to feel connected to the property. So, go ahead and get your family photos and other private memorabilia packed away for the move. Moving is a huge process – what a great way to get ahead of the game!

Improve your home’s curb appeal.

The way your property looks on the outside is an immeasurably important aspect of your home’s overall appeal to buyers. A home can look and feel like a palace inside, but if the outside is in shambles, nobody is going to set foot through the door. So, make sure that your yard and your home’s exterior makes a positive and lasting impression.

Request a pre-listing home inspection and make repairs.

A pre-listing home inspection isn’t usually a priority for homeowners who plan to sell their home in the next 3-6 months, but this is why it should be: if a buyer find unexpected issues on a home inspection, it could mean a very large unanticipated expense for you (or it could even deter your buyer altogether).

Buyers today have very high expectations, especially in the luxury markets. That makes sense, of course, and as a seller, it’s up to you to meet that demand. So, when your home goes on the market, make sure all of your repairs have been made and that you will be free of surprises throughout the transaction process.

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