Best Smart Home Essentials from CES 2018

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Whether you’re thinking about renovating your home, or settling into your new purchase, there is no denying the impact the smart home industry has made on making your every day life easier. As the world’s biggest tech show, the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, wraps up another year of amazing showcases in technology, our team has complied some of the best gadgets you’ll want to upgrade your home with.

1. LG Smart Instaview Refrigerator
Have you ever wanted a refrigerator straight out of The Jetsons? Look no further than the new LG Smart Instaview Refrigerator. Picture Amazon’s “Alexa” in fridge form. This fridge has the ability to recommend recipes based on the items inside, and can also pre-heat your oven to the proper temperature as you walk through each step of your recipe on the Instaview Refrigerator’s screen. Be sure to be on the lookout for the official release later this year.

2. Whirlpool Smart All-In-One Care Washer & Dryer
Lets face it, laundry is a big chore. Fortunately, the new Whirlpool Smart All-In-One Care Washer & Dryer cuts down your time in half as it is truly an all-in-one dream machine. Designed to handle your washing & drying in a single appliance, this machine is also Wi-Fi enabled and connected to Amazon Alexa. More hands off time for you indeed!

3. Elmer Smart Shower
Time to throw away that old shower radio – the Elmer Smart Shower has arrived! Making its way to America this year, this smart shower has the ability to play your favorite tunes in surround sound. With the help of Alexa, the shower can even turn up your bathroom’s ambiance with essential oil spray. Truly an in-home spa experience.

4. iDevices Insight Light Switch
We’ve come a long way since The Clapper. The iDevices Insight Light Switch comes along with Amazon’s Alexa for a true hands-free lighting experience. You’ll have full dimming capabilities, motion sensors, the ability to set timers, stream music and options for automated lighting changes based on your daily routine. If you’re not home, use the iDevices app to control your home’s lighting from afar. Clap on for smart switches!

5. Schlage Sense Deadbolt
Sick of fumbling through your keys every day? With the help of the Schlage Sense Deadbolt, there is no more need to drop everything in order to open and close your doors – just use your voice! Connected to Google Assistant, this smart lock comes with up to 30 unique access codes for your home, remote access, and can connect to Wi-Fi. You can also download the Schlage Sense app to access your lock on your smartphone.

Your luxury home should come equipped with the right needs and appliances to make your life easier. Don’t miss out on this year’s top smart home essentials to bring your home up to date. If you’re ready for a new luxury home, we are available for you at Lauren Goldberg Real Estate!

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