Meet Samantha Porter & Lauren Goldberg

Modern home buyers are driven by a particular taste, especially in larger cities like Chicago. They want easy access to all the best shopping and dining. They also expect their home to be a reflection of the latest trends and technology, regarding both aesthetic and function. To win the hearts of today’s discerning homebuyer, experts agree that real estate developers should appeal to those constantly-evolving demands.

That’s the spirit behind Chicago partner’s, Samantha Porter and Lauren Goldberg of PorterGoldberg Real Estate. With a combined 28 years of experience in real estate and design consultation, Samantha and Lauren share a passion for cutting-edge design, clever floor plans & pushing boundaries with finishes. They understand what buyers are looking for and they’ve come together to offer that expertise to Chicago’s busy real estate developers.

A Full-Service, Dynamic Real Estate Firm

Samantha and Lauren are a full-service, dynamic real estate firm offering a complete range of real estate and design consultation services to developers, buyers, and sellers in Chicago, Illinois. Their firm is founded on nearly three decades of combined experience, and their reputation truly speaks for itself. Regardless of your position in a given transaction, you can rest assured that as a client of Samantha and Lauren’s, you’re receiving superior service from start to finish.

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Samantha and Lauren believe in negotiating for you in the same way they would advocate for their own interests if they were in your shoes. As buyers’ agents, their singular focus in on you. That means early access and off-MLS buying opportunities, undivided loyalty, unrivaled local market understanding, and strategic guidance from award-winning Chicago Realtors every step of the way.

Whether you are new to Chicago or consider yourself to be a Chicago native, Samantha and Lauren invite you to leverage their extensive experience and powerful network to your advantage.


When you list your property with Samantha and Lauren, you are given a very unique and highly competitive advantage. ”We will price right, professionally package and expose your property beyond the traditional market place. These are the three keys to a high yield, efficient sale. Buyers today are demanding and the market is sensitive. Sellers deserve representation that know how to deal with the big picture.” That expertise is combined with the support of @properties, Chicago’s #1 real estate firm boasting largest market share since 2006 and running.


Samantha and Lauren are proud to call Chicago home, and are passionate about supporting projects that breathe new life into our beloved cityscape. They have spent years cultivating a thorough understanding of the construction process and interior design practices. That expertise is evident in every project.

Samantha and Lauren’s approach to the development process is two-fold. First, focus on the unique needs of every development firm, always mindful of budgeting and schedule restraints. It is their commitment that every client meets their targets for a successful project. Second: meet/exceed buyer expectations-evident in successful sales, promote reputation, then find next project to do it all again.

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